Curriculum vitae

Curriculum Vitae of Mr. M. D. W. van Dijk

Personal Information/Data:
foto mdw
Baptismal names: Maarten, Dirk, Willem.
Call sign: Martin
Surname: Van Dijk
Address: Fluwijnstraat
Number: 26
Mail code: 5854JH
Place of residence: Nieuw Bergen (L)
Birth date: 3 June 1956
Birth place: Rotterdam
Nationality: Dutch
Drivers License: A, BE
Civil status: married
E-mail address:

IHBO: Institute for higher professional education at Tilburg:
Civil engineering, diploma achieved in 1981: specialization: construction, as from 1975 up to
Middle professional education at Breda:
Civil engineering, no diploma, after 2e years moved on to HTS; from 1973 up to 1975.
Lower professional education at Breda:
General engineering, from 1970 up to 1973, diploma achieved.

Working experiences:
Architects and engineering company RoyalHaskoningDHV bv, from 30-09-1987 op to 1-1-2014:
2005 – present: Civil cost expert;
Preparing cost estimations; in SSK-format (Standard System for Costs estimates), probabilistic calculations; Life Cycle Costs. For various projects of RWS (Rijkswaterstaat), DLG (Authority of Rural Area, department of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs)), local authorities, municipalities, businesses, etc;
Quality Coordinator of the Advisory Group Regional and Urban Infrastructure, Internal auditor of ISO 9001 (Quality management systems), ISO 14001 (environmental management systems) en OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety management systems);
Municipality of Beuningen:
Project Leader Regional and Urban Infrastructure. Development of two sand winning locations for the national sand need. Supervising structural sketches, design plans and layout sketches, exploitation calculations etc. Preparing invitations to tenders. I act as “the spider in the web”, from the municipality (client) to external institutions, but also the internal harmonization within/between the municipality/clients organization itself, including report to the municipal executives (mayor and aldermen).
Posted/Seconded at the project office for the “Vinex” location “Stadshagen” in the town Zwolle. (Translation: Vinex: Fourth nota of Spatial Planning Extra, of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, 1991)
I was (financially) responsible for the preparation activities for the construction and site preparation of the residential units to be constructed. Instructing/controlling technical illustrators and designers. Drawing up/preparations estimates.
From the Advisory Regional and Urban Infrastructure I was temporarily assigned as deputy head of the waste treatment sector in the region “Midden-Limburg”, to which two landfills belonged. In addition to the daily supervision, the (financial) preparation and implementation of the various environmental aspects within a landfill, were of great environmental importance.
Project Leader of the Environmental advisory group. Hereby environmental permits drafted for small and large businesses, governments, such as dredging depots, agricultural and chemical companies. Also, quality coordinator license granting.

Municipality of Sassenheim:
1981 till 30-09-1987;
Department of Building and Housing: I started the new Department for the Environment, in which the various environmental aspects emerge.

Department of Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment called “Rijkswaterstaat directie Zeeland”: Building “Oosterschelde” storm surge barrier in 1979 (start of the construction of the base plate of the barriers);

2011: Internal Auditor (Lloyd’s Register)
2010: Costs Expert Infra (HAN)
2008: Systems Engineering (internally at RHDHV)
2006: Internal auditor (internally at RHDHV)
1987: Environmental Technology (PHBO)
1983-1986: Several environmental training/courses: noise, soil, waste (various/miscellaneous)

Computer skills:
Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point);
Contract documents models of Bakker & Spees (Civil 7 and 8), CROW publication 137 (SSK / LCC system), CIT Group (Probabilistic estimation).

Speech Communication:
Dutch: Native,
English: Moderately/Habitable
German: Moderately.

President of the Foundation Livable “Maasduinen”, with the aim to improve, in the broadest sense of the word, the livability of the “Maasduinen” area. President since 2005 up to present. From the foundation, the annual Year Market is organized in “Nieuw Bergen” (hometown) every year.

(Vice) President of swimming club Manta in “Nieuw Bergen” since 1997 to date:
Board member of the Royal Dutch Swimming Federation, Kring Limburg from 1998 to 2011, from that status (co-) founder of the Swim Column to Limburg, where talents can develop in their sport further.
Official of the swimming federation Kring Limburg, from 1994 to date, which from 2000 also functioning as a umpire (for competitive swimming department).

Leisure activity:
For the swimming club function in (weekly) competitions;
Within the Foundation preparations for the annual Year Market.
Maintaining our property (painting etc.). Keeping up the garden around the house, setting up facilities especially for birds in the garden. Cycling in the Netherlands and abroad.